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Expanding Possibilities

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Doing the Heavy-Lifting for You

The Deshe Equity Analysis & Insights reporting capabilities leverage cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques tailored to equity markers, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and a pinch of style. The process of instantly drafting each of the 37,000 global equity reports is built on 6 pillars:

Big (Raw) Data Harvesting

Prioritization of comparative benchmarks, broken down by parameter/factor

Translating quantitative information into clear, human language insights 

Sectoral, industry-based, and parameter/factor specific benchmark creation

Constant supervision and dynamic updating of data and benchmarks

Making these insights accessible in multiple language

How Deshe works for you

Seamlessly combine your investment goals & vision with AI-powered analysis, Machine Learning, & additional best-in-class techniques

Deep Financial


Sophisticated fundamental analysis is run, similar to top-ranked human analysts, but at scale with greater breadth of coverage.



You maintain the control & transparency to approve decisions.

Dynamic Machine


Deshe systematically identifies & learns the specific combinations of metrics that are the most critical drivers of stock performance on a per sector & per stock basis.


You access the insights on the micro & macro levels.


You specify your target investment universe, time horizon, restrictions, themes, geographies & additional relevant criteria.



Deshe finds the optimal strategies for you to choose from.

Deshe's +63% Correct Hit Ratio 

* Excluding Q1/2020

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Deshe's AI

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