Doing the Heavy-Lifting for You

The Deshe Equity Analysis & Insights reporting capabilities leverage cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques tailored to equity markets, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and a pinch of style. The process of instantly drafting each of the 37,000 global equity reports is built on 6 pillars:

Big (Raw) Data Harvesting

Sectoral, industry-based, and parameter/factor specific benchmark creation

Prioritization of comparative benchmarks, broken down by parameter/factor

Constant supervision and dynamic updating of data and benchmarks

Translating quantitative information into clear, human language insights 

Making these insights accessible in multiple language

Expanding Possibilities

Any Language
Any Country
Any Design


How Deshe works for you

Seamlessly combine your investment goals & vision with AI-powered analysis, Machine Learning, & additional best-in-class techniques


You specify your target investment universe, time horizon, restrictions, themes, geographies & additional relevant criteria.



Deshe finds the optimal strategies for you to choose from.

Deep Financial

Sophisticated fundamental analysis is run, similar to top-ranked human analysts, but at scale with greater breadth of coverage.



You maintain the control & transparency to approve decisions.

Dynamic Machine

Deshe systematically identifies & learns the specific combinations of metrics that are the most critical drivers of stock performance on a per sector & per stock basis.


You access the insights on the micro & macro levels.

Quality at Scale


Of Strong Buy’s overperformed their benchmarks in 2021


Average over-performance of Strong Buys compared to benchmarks (2020-2021)


Of our analysis algorithms overperformed their benchmarks (2020-2021)


Average  performance of “Sell”s compared to benchmarks (2020-2021)

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results.