Increase Client Engagement

Customized, actionable insights on more than 25K global equities

Any Language
Any Country
Any Design

Transparent, efficient, fast

Strategy Design
to Launch

Universe Selection

Clients (CIO's, PM's, Investment Committees, etc) defining the thematic or market focus for strategy construction

Army of Analysts

Deshe generates thousands of ensemble analysis methodologies for optimizing the best fit of fundamentals, Machine-Learning, & other techniques

Risk Management

Determine the level & scope of risk that a client is willing to accept in order to potentially achieve the desired return

Back & Stress Test

Model out & stress-test potential investment strategies that match & exceed the success parameters provided by the clients

Review & Fine-Tuning

Within days, the client is presented with optimized investment strategies for discussion, demo, & final adjustments


The client approves the desired strategy & moves forward with the execution

Launch Your Own
Customized, Branded Products

Convert client demand into customized ‘quant-fundamental’ product in days, not weeks






Index Beaters



Create More Value

Your Offerings

Turn your vision into optimized, bespoke investment strategies that align with & exceed client goals.

Expand Beyond
Your Capabilities 

Explore new geographies, markets and strategies previously out of reach, without the risk and upfront overhead cost.

on Relationships

Never be unprepared or wait for periodic buy-side biased research to discuss and explain an investment decision, down to the individual stock.

Access Instant, 
Clear Analysis

Holistic & granular analysis of relevant companies by strategy, sector, or industry with objective or relative rankings.

Easy to Use 
Smarter Tools

In a fraction of the time and overhead cost, transparently model optimized strategies customized by risk tolerance, performance metrics, & time horizon.

Increase Value,
Reduce Everything Else

Easily model, create, and automate your investment processes with AI, including portfolio optimization, risk profiling, rebalancing, and more.