How Bank Hapoalim is empowered by our AI fundamental analysis engine

How Bank Hapoalim is empowered by our AI fundamental analysis engine

In September, we launched a successful integration at Bank Hapoalim, one of the two leading banks in Israel, with results coming to fruition these days.

Hundreds of the bank’s investment advisors can now gain immediate access to all global stocks’ fundamental analysis in Hebrew as well as multiple other languages.

Here are three of the bank's needs that our AI engine is addressing:

Staying up-to-date with all existing global stocks

Investors are more informed than ever about emerging stocks in today's online world, making it more difficult for investment advisors and portfolio managers to keep up with all the analyses of all global stocks.

On top of that, they are looking for more than just data in their research; they demand insights and guidance based on their investment goals. Our AI-powered tool automatically analyzes over 40,000 stocks, even those that are off-the-radar in emerging countries, and generates a written report in just a few seconds in order to help them make informed decisions. As a result, investment advisors can stay ahead of the competition by reviewing recent stock analyses.

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Making decisions based on unbiased information

When it comes to markets, no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Even the best investment advisors or analysts might not have the right insight on what’s going to happen next, even if they have solid track records and a lot of previous experience. Even so, most stock analysts make recommendations based more on their personal judgment than on unbiased data.

Our AI tool provides unbiased analysis generated by our own AI algorithm. In fact, the algorithm is based on millions of ongoing data points and doesn't include any human-generated bias.

Customization and agility of our AI-based research

According to our partners at the bank, the ability to customize our tools to their specific needs played a major role in their decision to implement our AI engine.

Some features include automated reports with an option to translate them into Hebrew. This means that the bank's advisors and analysts can now access real-time data, make informed decisions much faster, and easily download this information in Hebrew. This way, they can communicate their recommendations to their clients, and even those who don't speak financial lingo can understand how well their portfolio is managed.

We are thrilled to open a world of endless opportunities for the bank’s professionals with our AI based research, offer their clients more value, and enrich their portfolios based on fundamental analysis.

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