Deshe Analytics’ Product: Latest Accomplishments

Deshe Analytics’ Product: Latest Accomplishments

Deshe Analytics created an AI engine that turns millions of data points into stock insights and customizable action plans in natural language, in any language. Deshe’s AI “analyst” constantly scans & analyzes financial & non-financial data of every public company around the globe, ranks them against their peer group, and generates recommendations (Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, or Underperform) with easy-to-read fundamental-focused equity research reports explaining the reason for every recommendation.

Latest product accomplishments

Now it’s the time to share our latest product developments and accomplishments. Deshe’s team has been working hard on adding additional features that would make our AI reports more complete, accessible and understandable - helping users invest with confidence. 

Press Release Coverage

We’ve developed the ability to analyze press release data - in addition to the current capability of analyzing regular financial reports. This new ability has extended our assets coverage by almost 20%, from 38,000 to 44,000 stocks.

In addition, the new press release coverage significantly improves the analysis frequency for companies that are not legally required to submit quarterly reports (companies in many countries outside of the US), which means that instead of doing yearly analysis, we are now covering them on a quarterly basis.


Company Events Sentiment Analysis

We extended our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities and started analyzing companies' announcements. The announcements were divided algorithmically into groups and using the proprietary Deshe AI machine, we could define the direction of each announcement group as a derivative of the share price.

The Announcements analysis divides into three sentiment groups - Negative, Neutral, and Positive effects. Our research finds that Positive announcements have a better chance of increasing the share price, while announcements with negative sentiment could decrease it.


Technical Analysis

We have added a Technical Analysis (TA) capability, which includes some of the most important TA indicators such as MACD, RSI, STOCHASTIC, 5/50/200 day moving average, support & resistance levels - and, most important, Deshe's unique weighted TA final score. All indicators are updated on a daily basis.

In order to provide actionable insights, in addition to Deshe’s final TA score (which is on a scale of 1 to 100) we have also included the most common textual recommendation of BULLISH and BEARISH momentum.



Since all Deshe’s reports are fully generated by our AI machine using the NLG (Natural Language Generation) process, there are no language barriers as with human analysts. Of course, traders - and all humans -  prefer to receive all information, including financial reports, in their native language. Now, with Deshe Analytics, this request can be fulfilled with low marginal costs. Deshe’s reports offer localization to any language.  

Lately we have upgraded our language mechanism in a way that significantly shortens the process of supporting new languages. The upgrade also improved the language to sound much more “human” and natural, making for much easier reading and increasing user confidence.

Here’s an example of of a summary written by AI using NLG: 


The whole AI-generated text can be found here:  - or on any of the other 44,000 Deshe’s company report pages.


Deshe Analytics’ team is constantly working to improve the quality and expand the features of our products. In the next months, there will be many more new and exciting features, giving even more knowledge (=power) to the users of Deshe Analytics reports. Stay tuned!

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