The cooperation with Solitics- an added value to Online Brokers’ users

The cooperation with Solitics- an added value to Online Brokers’ users

Deshe Analytics and Solitics have collaborated to help Online Brokers reach higher user satisfaction and engagement. With Deshe’s and Solitics’ mutual Personalized Portfolio Analysis Notification Tool, Online Brokers will receive a powerful medium of communication with their users via real-time, personalized, and informative notifications (via a wide range of communication channels) in every language, which will help their users in making better-informed investment decisions. 

Both Solitics and Deshe Analytics are providers of cutting edge B2B solutions, so it’s only natural that they cooperate to enhance and empower each other and their customers. Now they are combining their forces and providing their clients - Online Brokers - with an opportunity to deliver educational value to their traders in need of up-to-date information on an unprecedented, global variety of securities. 

Solitics will help bring Deshe’s valuable financial analysis to Online Brokers’ clients in a highly personalized and therefore ultimately relevant manner through Personalized Notifications. While Deshe’s AI-based financial research provides traders with knowledge - unbiased and high-quality research, on different levels of depth, on every stock worldwide in their native language - Solitics’ tools can personalize this knowledge and send customized push notifications tailored to match each trader’s preferences. 

Online Brokers know that they need to differentiate themselves to stay ahead of the pack. Delivering timely and accurate financial information in localized language to support investment decisions will be a key differentiator. Deshe’s AI-based fundamental analysis reports are minimally biased, continuous, real-time and scalable; the NLG (natural language generation) enables easily comprehensible insights on a global scale. 

With Solitics’ platform, Deshe’s insights and ratings can be customized to match Trading Platform users’ priorities, handing users tools to make better-informed investment decisions. The personalized experience that aligns with each trader’s activity, empowers users giving them all the information needed in a blink of an eye. 

The bottom line is that Online Brokers get another point of contact for communication with their users via real-time, personalized, and informative push notifications in every language, on every stock the user chooses - which will help traders to make better-informed investment decisions and beat the markets. Needless to say that profitable trades make more engaged traders. 

There is no other tool in the market that could match Deshe’s and Solitics’ combined capabilities. While many stock screening platforms provide push notifications on traders’ portfolio companies, the information they get is lacking in scope and depth. There’s no other platform on the market that can instantly analyze and provide fundamental recommendations for users on ALL public companies in ALL languages. 

Online Brokers can now provide their traders with fundamental analysis and ratings on the whole tradable universe - while Solitics’ tools enable them to be personalized, based on each trader’s behavior and preferences, highly relevant to each and every trader. With the Deshe-Solitics’ combined efforts, traders can cherry-pick from a well of investment opportunities across all sectors and markets, reaching better investment results - leading to higher user satisfaction, and, as a result, higher engagement and trading activity.


  1. Traders holding Apple stock in their portfolio or watch list will receive a customized and personalized notification informing them about new financial reports, press releases or Deshe’s rating changes for the company. Traders who aren’t interested in Apple’s shares will not receive these notifications. For example: “Apple, whose stock you hold in your portfolio released a new report yesterday. The fundamental analysis of the report shows that Apple has done an excellent job in increasing its revenue while maintaining operating expenses. Following the latest report, Apple's rating has risen to "Strong Buy". Learn more.

  2. Users with high exposure to a specific market sector will receive recommendations that are relevant to the sector they prefer. Moreover, they will receive personalized suggestions to diversify their portfolio due to overexposure to a particular sector. For example: “We have identified that your stock portfolio has a 70% exposure to the technology sector. Such exposure can sometimes lead to high volatility in the portfolio. Would you consider diversifying your portfolio into stocks from the energy sector that have recently shown overperformance? Some energy stocks like Exxon, Chevron and Aramco have released excellent reports recently, learn more.

The added value that customers receive is advice and recommendations that are relevant to them - no spam or irrelevant news. What is even more important is that Deshe & Solitics provide customers NOT with raw information that they themselves need to process, but with research-backed answers to their investing questions. All that is left for the customer is to consider the recommendations and act on them - or do nothing, at their discretion.

Deshe Analytics provides access to a Financial Analysis platform, based on AI technology. Deshe’s stock reports combine cutting-edge machine learning techniques tailored to capital markets with artificial Intelligence algorithms. The AI scans, analyzes and ranks all public companies and generates an easy-to-read fundamental equity research report for every stock, in every language. The fundamental analysis performed by Deshe’s AI is compressed to the essentials and is easy to read; the proprietary NLG engine translates the quantitative analysis into meaningful written insights with an explainable final rating (Strong Buy, Buy, Hold or Underperform) for each stock.

Solitics provides a Customer Engagement and Analytics data platform that enables B2C brands to create personalized experience for their customers in real-time. Through Solitics’ data management technology, Solitics’ business customers can integrate all their data sources and marketing channels in an effortless manner and without a long, hard and expensive data project. The platform unifies the data across all the sources and makes the data available in real-time. Through Solitics’ UI, brands can automate and manage their entire customer lifecycle from a single point, build real-time customer journeys & campaigns, respond personally and contextually to each customer seconds and increase all aspects of their conversion and retention.

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